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 one shot red riolu

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PostSubject: one shot red riolu   Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:09 pm

chapter one
it all started when i started my adventure in the new found region Quanto in the town han when i got a messege from prof. surge saying "come to my lab to receive my newly discovered i was going to tell you but wait till you get here."so i hurried to his lab and when i walked in his son danny or as dan the most stubbornest kid in the whole town Evil or Very Mad .sorry about that.then prof. surge told me to choose the blue pokeball so when i sent it out it was a red riolu!!!!!i was surprised then but when dan sent out his i was was a blue eevee!!!!so when i left ne challenged me so i sent out my riolu of coarse and he sent out his i commanded my riolu to use bone rush and it did a massive amount of damage.he used takle it didnt hurt me much then i used arua sphere and won Very Happy .and i left to go to maze town.while going there i saw a cherrik and it said on my pokedex "cherrik the cherry pokemon it has suction cups on its stem to hang from trees and wait for evolution."it look like a cherry with eyes to me but i kinda liked it so i faught it with riolu i commanded riolu "use arua sphere!"and it almost fainted so i threw a pokeball at it and caught it! Very Happy .i countinued and when i got to maze town it went by its name i couldn't even see a pokecenter Crying or Very sad !i finally found a pokecenter i healed my pokemon and it was already night so i slept the night there and i was off to maze forest and it was a maze there too Sad !while going through the maze forest i saw a riko i checked the pokedex and it said"riko the tough bug pokemon it hides in trees and wait for prey to come by and snatches its prey."so i sent out my cherrik and told it"use razor leaf!"it started to get low on hp but before i could use a pokeball it used poison sting and poisoned my cherrik!i threw a pokeball before it could do anything else.luckly i had potions and antidotes i used a potion on cherrik and riko and an antidote on cherrik and right then a trainer challenged me i decided to see how strong my new pokemon was so i sent out riko and he sent out it twin pokemon tiko and i checked out my pokedex and it said"tiko the fire bug pokemon tiko being the brother pokemon to riko it hunts them when has been hungry for 2 weeks it will try to eat anything that doesn't eat it first."i was a bit scared but i was sure we could win.i commanded riko"use poison punch!"i was real excited my first real battle!so he said"thats all you got use silk wrap!"and that did some damege to me but i countered with power sting.and to my suprise he fainted cheers !so i finally got through the maze forest and i went to the pokecenter and there was a girl there that was also healing i noticed she was hurt to so i ask"what happened to you!?"she said weakly"i was walking through the forest when a bunch of team shadow members attaked me."i asked what are team shadow and why would they do this?!!!!?"she said "its cause they want peoples pokemon but i just bearly got away with my pokemon."so i asked her"how about we team up and fight them and defeat them and tell them to stop stealing peoples pokemon!!!"she said"ok but i need to rest"so after she slept a little bit it was dark but we stll went through and they jumped out of now where in the forest and they suddenly battled us in a double battle so i sent out riko and she sent out a chikorita and they sent out a flowbat and zubat talk about a combination theyr'e also twin pokemon they were almost the same except flowbat has flowers on its head and its green.anyways i used power sting and chikorita used razor leaf it was a good combination of moves.they both used leech life it was super effective then i used poison punch and the zubat fainted.chikorita used vine whip and we won!then they sayed"this is not going well with the boss's plan.the second one said"i know we'll have to hightail it out of here fast!"and they where gone before i could tell them to stop Sad .but then i asked that girl"so whats your name i didn't catch it"she said"my name is morgan and i want to well pretty much become friends with all pokemon and stop team shadow once and for all!"and she asked "so whats your name?"i sayed"the names trent."and as we walked back she asked me"can i join you on you adventure?"and i said"ya i could use some help on my adventure."when we got to the pokecenter we went to sleep.the next morning the first thing we did was go to the gym it was a grass type gym.i thought it was going to be easy when we got inside it was amazing there were flowers,plants,trees,and the.........gym leader!!!we went straight to the gym leader.she said"so you wish to challenge me.......SO IT SHALL BE BRING IT ON!!!!"i was surprised a little but we started i sent out riko again.but then he started to evolve into rikoria it was big with razor sharp claws and fangs it looked kinda like a rydon except with dark green skin and its horn was a thorn and the stuff i sayed earlier.she sent out a vileplume.i used double poison and it was super effective!she used razor leaf it wasn't very effective and then i used earthquack a new move that rikoria learned and it fainted.then she sent out her main pokemon grovyle!i return my pokemon and sent out riolu and before i could do anything she used fury cutter and then i countered with arua sphere and we both took so much damege that one more hit and we'd both faint.then i used mach punch and won the match!!!
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one shot red riolu
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