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 Wild Introduction Appeared!

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PostSubject: Wild Introduction Appeared!   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:24 pm

Hallooo everybody~! Hi Dr. Nick![strike]

M'names Snakebite, and this is my introduction. (Oh no not another introduction D: THE HORROR!!! All those boring, random facts!!??) Yes, there will be many a random fact, and read closely, there will be a quiz on this later!

I'm fifteen, I'm a girl, I'm artistically challenged so everything artistic I try to do explodes. I can write though, and I love to do it (so I'll be invading your Pokemon fanfiction forums... if you don't mind What a Face) I'm not too big of a poster usually, which by the looks of thing is not what you want to hear... but I'm pretty well rounded in all aspects of foruming and have worked in enough forums to know how to get things started... so I can try!

I may be able to persuade my friends to visit here... but I wouldn't count on it Very Happy But I'm here to stay!

If you want to get to know me better, my MSN is Just tell me who you are and where I know you/will know you from! I have wayyy too many people that add me and never explain why =P
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Wild Introduction Appeared!
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