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 Digimon Data Squad 2

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PostSubject: Digimon Data Squad 2   Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:31 pm

Prologue 1

20 Years ago, There was a series of strange disappearings. The Public Became frightened, they were afraid to leave their homes because they could be next. Several members of the Public Safety Department and Scientists started researching the disappearances. They found a world parallel to our world, The Digital World. There was one more disappearance, It was Keenan Crier, one of the family's son, The family was researching The Digital Gate. The First Digital World Exploration Team was setup and they experienced problem after problem. They ran out of supplies. and eventually Returned to the Human World and they Lost Spencer Damon. They Successfully ended the disappearances though. D.A.T.S was set up to keep The Digital World a secret from the rest of the world.


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Digimon Data Squad 2
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